New to New Zealand


We arrived at Massey University at 12 pm in the University van. As a small group, we collectively decided to meet at the Housing office at 4 pm to explore and eat. In the meantime, we could unpack and get situated. I live in City Court on the first floor. My room is very small, about 1/3 the size of my room in Barto Hall back at Central. There’s really only room for my bed and a built-in closet and desk. I don’t mind the size though because I have always had a problem with holing up in my room, and this room should encourage me to get out more and only use the room for sleeping. One thing that really bothers me is that the bed pack they gave me has no fitted sheets, which makes no sense to me. There are also pillow sheets, but no pillow, so I’m using my rolled up winter coat stuffed in a pillow case as a pillow. That should be interesting. Also, the bathroom shower has a plastic ceiling, which I’ve never seen before. Good thing I’m not claustrophobic! So far it’s only my RA Faya and me living there since I moved in so early. Most of the students are moving in on Wednesday.

Unfortunately, my little disconnected phone that I brought with me to tell time was not working on NZ time, so I was a little lost on when to leave. One of the girls in the group came by around 2:30 pm however, and so we ended up exploring around a little beforehand and she kept track of the time. We checked out the rec center, which was somewhat pathetic and you have to pay to use most of the equipment, and a few other places. It was at this point that we noticed that the cicadas were extremely loud and numerous. We finally met up with the others and looked at everyone’s rooms which, besides for Claire, were all in different dorms, or hostels, as they call them here. One of the girls lives up the hill, which I like to consider a mountain, and you have to trek through the forest up the stairs, in order to get to her dorm. It was kind of sad to see how much we huffed and puffed up that hill. We are going to get into super shape just from dropping her off at home at night.

We all ate dinner together and then decided to meet up with a local Kiwi that Ariel and Claire had met on the plane. Said Kiwi, Abi, drove us all over town, giving us the tour of the Plaza and interesting facts about the town, and also took us shopping for the essentials we needed. I bought the cheapest phone I could find so that I could communicate, tell time, and have an alarm. We ended up getting back to campus around 9:00 pm, and at this point I had been up for maybe 40 hours and was definitely ready for bed. I slept very soundly until my wake-up call — Claire knocking on my window–the next morning.


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