Claire, Nishont, and I went to breakfast in the Dining Hall and then met up with the others for orientation. For the most part, orientation was pretty boring, but I did learn a few facts about New Zealand, such as that the Queen of England still technically rules the country. We toured around campus a little, but it was mostly to places I had already explored. They also took us all on a bus up to a wind farm on a hill, which was both a really pretty drive, and a really beautiful destination.


We ate lunch in another park at the base of the hill and sometime during this time we met Elisa from New Jersey, who studies at Princeton (far right on above photo). The other people in the picture, who I may have or may have not mentioned earlier are Claire (far left), Melissa (second from the left), me (third from left), Erika (middle), Ariel (third from right), Nishont (second from right), and Elisa.

I saw a fire danger sign that said that the level was extreme, but I found that somewhat laughable after this summer in Spokane, but that’s just a side note. After getting back to campus, we ate dinner and then decided to go explore town a little before it got dark. We all went back to our respective places to grab our passports and get ready; then the plan was to meet up at the bus. Unfortunately, Ariel missed the bus since she didn’t have enough time to climb her mountain and return, so she had to catch the next bus. She was not too thrilled that we left without her, but we waited at the clock tower in the plaza, which was lit up all colorfully.



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