Three Weeks

3/13/16 (Kiwis write it 13/3/16, but that still freaks me out)

It has officially been three weeks since I arrived in New Zealand. They say it is the third week that homesickness hits, and I’m already kinda feeling it. It’s a little daunting to know that I will be here for more than 4 more months, and that thought is a little emotionally rough. However, I’m feeling better than I expected to feel.

Went out with Ariel and Nishant last night to watch the Shakespeare comedy, The Merry Wives of Windsor, in the park. We walked there and got a little lost, but after much debate plus some trial and error, we found it. The park itself was a hidden gem, to say the least.

The play was quite good too. I was a little nervous about it because all the actors were a little eccentric looking with colorful hair and various piercings and the start was a little slow, but it ended up being well done.

That was last night though. Today, I halfheartedly participated in an event called Crazy Sports. Basically it was a competition between all the Halls on campus. I only really participated in two of the events. One was a one-on-one fight where I knocked my opponent out of the ring in about 2 seconds, and the other was a tug-o-war match between our hall and another, which we easily won. Besides that, I just spent the day supporting the rest of my hall as they competed. We didn’t really do all that well, fourth out of maybe 16 or so. Considering we have the greatest amount of people, we should have really dominated the day, but oh, well.

As far as the previous week–week 2–goes, there is not much to tell. All my lectures were pretty uneventful, as were my labs. Had my first Greek Mythology Tutorial on Friday, and there was only 6 of us, so it was so awkward! The teach kept expecting us to participate so much, and that was just no fun. I joined the Alpine Club, which does a lot of hiking and adventurous things, but I won’t actually be doing anything with the club for awhile.

The most eventful thing that happened, though, concerns my phone. I dropped the little brick phone that I had bought, and it easily broke. Previously I had believed that brick phones were indestructible. I was proven very, very wrong. Anyway, turns out one of my kiwi friends, Caitlin, had an old smarty phone that she was willing to lend to me. Caitlin was planning on going to town after her next class, so I just slipped into her class with her (Roman Art) and the we went to town together and bought a sim card for the phone. While there, we split a couple of slices, which were kind of like fudge mixed with cake. So good! The phone breaking allowed me to get a better phone, and make a friend in the process. So, there was definitely some good that came from that particular headache.


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