Break: Part III


If you’ve been with me from the start, and I know I can be long-winded, you’ll know that one of my major goals on this abroad trip was to go Zorbing. And guess what? DREAMS DO COME TRUE. Shout out to my momma for making it happen; love you momma. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, imagine being in a giant hamster ball and rolling down a hill. And featured below is a very attractive photo of me afterwards. This happened in Rotorua. Also in Rotorua was a Gondola trip to the top of a smallish mountain where we ate a very delicious pizza while overlooking the lake.


On our way out of Rotorua, we stopped at the buried village. This village had been completely devastated by a volcanic eruption. Honestly, I was a little disappointed. The best part was the hike to a waterfall. You may have picked up by now that I really like waterfalls. The remains of the village itself were either indiscernible or rebuilt.

On our way to Taupo, we took a detour to Orekei Korako. There, a boat took us to a geyser park that also had mud pots. And of course, as to be expected, it smelled like rotten eggs. Made it to Taupo and had a nice beachfront dinner at the Pub and Grub.


We didn’t spend all that much time in Taupo, but before we left we went for a walk on the beach. Now, I cannot just walk by water; I have to walk in it. Apparently this is a childish habit, evidenced by the little girl who ran to join me in the water. Oh well. I will never deny my childish tendencies.

After watching Maori children learn how to canoe, we set off for Raetihi. The reason for our trip to Raetihi was because of the first national park located nearby. However, we were unimpressed with the national park and continued on to our hotel without much ado.


Raetihi was definitely a lesson in first impressions not always being correct. It seemed like a ghost town: somewhat run down and abandoned. However, if I had to choose one of the most influential parts of this trip, it would be Raetihi, if only for the hotel we stayed in. The hotel used to be part of a hospital, and besides us, there was only one other customer staying there. This customer was one of the nurses who had worked in the hospital, and it was fascinating listening to her, especially when the owner of the hotel came in and joined us. The old nurse was from Scotland and had stories and descriptions and the owner told us about the history of the hospital and what happened to it after being shut down. Long story short: it was a fascinating visit.


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