Break: Part V


There’s only one more stop on the North Island before our journey brings us to the South Island, and that would be Wellington. Though not the largest city in the country (Auckland), it is the capital. This stop lasted a couple of days since we wanted to explore more. Again, we stayed with ATC members, this time Keith and Margarette.




For our first full day in Welly, we thoroughly explored the museum Te Papa. The most amazing part of the museum was the exhibit Gallipoli: The Scale of Our War, which was incredible in many ways, but mainly (at least for me) because of the statues inside: huge human statues that were so lifelike you could even see sweat on them. I didn’t take any pictures, but here are some lovely internet photos that show the scale quite nicely.

Followed this with a short cable car ride to the top of the botanical gardens. We walked down through the gardens, but at this point we were so tired that we didn’t explore much, instead electing to sit at the duck pond for awhile.


This day was allocated mainly for the general exploration of Wellington. This meant starting with a tour of the Parliament Building, and then riding around on various city buses to have a look at the city. One bus took us up to the airport, and I was so sure that we were going to get into a collision. The roads in Wellington are small and windy, with cars parked along the side, even though they already only two lane roads. Anyway, just glad we weren’t behind the wheel most of the time in Wellington. Later Keith showed us where to find the ferry and then took us up to an incredible area overlooking the whole of Wellington.



Left for the ferry in the morning and spent the next 3.5 hours on board on the way to the South Island.



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