The Last Hurrah

Though this is not my last post, this is the last adventure of my trip to New Zealand.


Made it to Taupo via bus, walked around town, and checked into our hostel. Note: the girls rabble roused  in the hostel and I don’t think we would be welcome there again.


Picked up our rental car and tramped to Huka Falls, which is the filming location of Without a Paddle (terrible movie, but still a cool fact). Also a fun fact, the output of the falls could fill 5 Olympic swimming pools in 1 minute. Definitely did not swim there.

We also hit up Kerosene Creek, which according to Google is where a hot spring and a freshwater spring meet. It was really neat that the water was warm, but I won’t lie, the water was so dirty I had to actively refrain from thinking about what was in it. Hint: there were little red worms floating around (hopefully not parasitic).

Finished the drive up to Rotorua and wandered through the Redwood Forest for a while.


Before calling it a day, we checked out the Government Gardens and the obligatory walk along the Rotorua Lakefront.


Happened across Waiotapu Thermal Wonderland, which had the “Lady Knox” geyser, mudpools, and sulfur lakes. This location was an active volcanic area and thus had geothermal activity. The most impressive part to me was the really green water which I was unfortunately not allowed to touch. It was probably for the best however, since the water was 100 C, which I think we calculated it out to be about 312 F. This fact doesn’t mean I didn’t pout a little; if there is water, I must walk in it!


There was a free honey tasting place, so of course we went there. Who knew there are so many different kinds of honey? Not me, that’s for sure! Next to that was Craters of the Moon, which confused a couple of the girls in the group because they had accidentally looked up the actual craters of the moon on Google Images. That was pretty humorous.

Back in Taupo, we had some time to kill, so I challenged Erika to a game of chess in the park.

Unfortunately, our bus got delayed from 12:45 am to 1:45 am, so this game did little to pass the time. Because of this, we chilled in Maccas for a while, which is where we met Luke, an American spending a gap year here. He tagged along with us as we wandered through town, shopping in such exciting places as the Warehouse, Pak N Save, Burger King, and Maccas again. New friend, yay! Spent the last hour walking along the beach in the rain. The bus didn’t arrive in Palmy until 5:30 am, and I needed to have breakfast before sleeping, so I stayed up till 7:30 am and then promptly slept until 5:45 pm.


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